Being Data Smart

When we think of data breaches we think of scammers. But the latest report by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) attributes over a third of such breaches (37%) to human error, not intentional malfeasance . In over 20% of cases, personal information was simply sent to the wrong recipient and system faults took up 6%.

What these statistics show is that personal data needs to be treated with integrity and protected with best practice procedures.

Simple measures you can take:

  • Have strong and enforced processes in place for the management of personal information.
  • Strong authorising procedures for payments – two-step authority is best practice.
  • Change passwords often and use two-step authentication where available.
  • If someone’s bank details have changed, phone them and check the details.
  • Get trained up on cyber security:
    • Check requests for payments that arrive electronically.
    • Check email addresses are legitimate.
    • Be suspicious of poorly written emails.
    • Don’t click on links within emails. If you have  an account with the supplier or Government department use that to check details.
  • If contacted by the ATO and you are concerned by the nature of the call, tell the caller you’ll contact them back using the official ATO number.


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